3D Chess Design Contest

Are you a 3D designer?

Design a chess set that sparks our imagination & win $100 in cryptocurrency.


I'm game. How do I enter?

Upload your chess set design (use a zip folder for multiple files) in either STL or OBJ format to the LBRY (library) network. Once finished, email the lbry:// address (automatically recieve 10 Library Credits for your first upload) to james@lbry.io by July 4th.

You can download the LBRY app here. If you have any questions or need help, join our Discord community.

Open the app & click a set to download.

GET PAID to upload AND/OR print!

Grey Genius Chess Set White Genius Chess Set

Genius Chess Sets with Lightbulb Pawns

Set A (Gray): Socrates King, Aristotle Queen, Goethe Bishops, Plato Knights, Edison Rooks

Set B (White): Einstein King, da Vinci Queen, Franklin Bishops, Darwin Knights, Tesla Rooks

Cryptocurrency Chess Set Cryptocurrency Chess Set Non-mineable

Cryptocurrency Chess Sets with U.S. Dollar Pawns

Set A (Gold): Bitcoin King, Ethereum Queen, Dash Bishops, Litecoin Knights, Monero Rooks

Set B (Blue): Ripple King, EOS Queen, IOTA Bishops, Stellar Knights, NEO Rooks


Send the lbry:// address of your first LBRY upload to james@lbry.io & receive 10 Library Credits on us.

Print out a LBRY chess set from above and get paid 10 more Library Credits! Details attached to the files.

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