Get paid to 3D print!

Want to earn rewards for 3D printing nifty items?

Scroll down, pick an object to print, then post a picture tagging us on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and we'll pay you for each print that you share.

How do I start getting paid?

Download the LBRY App here to download these files. Click here for a short video on how to get paid.

How do rewards work?

You can earn one reward per 24 hour period by posting a picture of your exclusive LBRY print with your LBC wallet address to social media and tagging our account.

Open the app & click an object to download.

USA Keychain Trump Elephant Obama Donkey Brainpower Bookendshelf The Thinker Bookends Tooth Toothbrush Holder Library Icon Bookend Monero Keychain Ethereum Keychain Bitcoin Keychain Socrates Nightlight Aristotle Nightlight da Vinci Buddha Nightlight Einstein Buddha Nightlight Tesla Nightlight Edison Nightlight Einstein Nightlight Genius Chess A Genius Chess B Greg's Intricate Chess A Greg's Intricate Chess B WW2 Chess Allies WW2 Chess Axis Chess Board A Chess Board B Cryptocurrency Chess (Non-mineable) Cryptocurrency Chess (Mineable) Abstract Chess Russian Chess

We want to see your first 3D upload!

Send the lbry:// address and your LBC wallet address to to receive 10 Library Credits on us.

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