How does the Bounty Program work?

You can earn LBRY Credits (LBC) for completing tasks as part of the LBRY Bounty Program.

What bounties are available?

All bounties can be seen on the bounty home page.

How do I claim a bounty?

To claim a bounty, please email Please include a link to the bounty. If it is programming-related, please include a link to the pull request.

How do I get compensated?

People who complete bounties are rewarded LBRY credits (LBC). These credits will be transferred to a LBRY wallet address of your choice and are yours, with no restrictions to do as you like.

I have questions about a specific bounty or seek assistance in completing a bounty.

The best place to get real-time help is our Discord chat. You can also email our bounty team

I want to complete a bounty that is not listed.

Please send an email to our bounty team at

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