How does the Community Top Bids section of the LBRY App work?

What are Community Top Bids?

Community Top Bids is a public space on the LBRY application that allows for community controlled content.

In this area, the LBRY URLs lbry://one through lbry://ten are displayed.

Anyone can share their content with the rest of the LBRY community by issuing a winning claim for one of these URLs. This mechanism enables users to promote their content and via the LBRY naming system.

Note that when claiming one of these URLs, no LBC is ever lost or destroyed (absent a very small transaction fee).

For more details on how naming works, please see: Naming

How do I publish to the Community Top Bids area?

  1. Begin a standard publish by clicking the "PUBLISH" button at the top of the App.
  2. When filling out the Content URL, enter the desired claim you want to bid on (one, two, five, eight, etc.)
  3. After you have entered the desired URL, the system will automatically show you the minimum amount of LBC you need to deposit to get the claim. This LBC remains yours, and the deposit can be undone at any time.
  4. Finish the rest of the publishing process.

How do I know if my content is overtaken?

We do not have a mechanism in place to notify users when they are outbid, but one is planned for a future release. For now, you can monitor the Community Top Bids section to see if your content is still available.

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