How do I earn LBRY credits (LBC)?

Currently, there are several ways to earn LBRY Credits, or LBC.

  1. LBRY users receive an LBC gift by way of in-app rewards.
  2. LBRY users get LBC for referring other users via the LBRY app (see Invites section of the wallet).
  3. You can earn LBC for helping with various tasks. Talk to us on Discord Chat if you're interested in additional testing or helping the community.
  4. Contributing to the project as a developer/engineer.
  5. Research and complete LBRY bounties.
  6. Buy them: see Exchanges
  7. Mine them: see Mining.
  8. Publish content: when you publish your own content to the LBRY network, you can set an LBC price of your choice on it.

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