Why does the app ask for my credit card?

Why We Ask

LBRY controls millions of credits that it wants to get into the hands of content creators and content consumers.

Unfortunately, when running a rewards program, people may abuse it.

This and only this, is the reason we require a credit card to participate in the rewards program. We wish we could tell you were a real person without this step, but no other solution we've tried thus far has worked well. This is the fastest and easiest method to verify your identity, otherwise, please see below.

To be clear, no money will be charged to your card now or ever. There is no fine print, and there is no trick.

(Some providers may see a $1 charge appear temporarily. This is only an authorization hold, no actual money will ever be charged or posted to your card.)

Your card information is submitted directly to Stripe, one of the largest credit card processors in the world.

What If I Don't Want To Provide It?

No problem! We've added two other verification methods - Phone Verification and manual verification via Discord chat. To begin manual verification, type -new in the #verification channel which will create a ticket (channel) for your request. Note: DO NOT message any team members or post in other channels about verification concerns. Rewards will only be granted on a 1 account per household basis

Otherwise, you are welcome to use the LBRY browser without providing any personal information. We just can't give you any rewards.

Note that without some credits, you will be unable to publish or access paid content.

However, you can get credits in lots of other ways. See this article on purchasing and earning credits.

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