What types of LBRY transactions are there?

There are a number of transaction types which take place on the LBRY blockchain. The LBRY app displays these transactions in the Overview and History tabs on the Wallet page.

Many transaction types also have details associated with them such as the claim/channel name or if they came from an LBRY Reward. You can also see additional details by clicking the transaction ID and accessing them in the LBRY block explorer.

Type Details
Spends LBC is sent to another address or used to purchase content.
Also, revoked content/claimed tips show as Spends.
Receives LBC received at wallet address, an incoming content payment or LBRY Reward.
Publishes LBC claim associated with content publication.
Claims can be revoked via trash button1.
Channels LBC claim associated with Channel creation.
Channel claims can be revoked via trash button.
Tips Tips sent or received. Received tips can be claimed via the unlock button in order to be reflected in your balance.
Supports Claim support sent or received. Support claims can be revoked via trash button.
Updates Update to previously published content2. Updated claims can be revoked via trash button.
Abandons Transaction that results after revoking a claim or tip. The amount shown is the LBC returned to your wallet.

1 If the revoke icon is not available, the claim may have already been revoked, or there may be an update to the claim (which can be revoked).

2 Amount shown does not reflect balance taken out of wallet - the update process uses the original bid amount, and the resulting transaction may result in a positive or negative balance to your wallet based on the updated bid amount.

Additional Actions

Certain transactions allow you to take additional actions directly from the transaction screen, such as claiming an incoming tip via the unlock button and revoking a claim via the trash button. Once the action is taken, the action icon will disappear, and the resulting transaction will appear in your history.

What About Purchases?

Content purchases and incoming content payments are not currently available but are planned for a future release. Currently these show as spends.

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