What is YouTube Sync?

Moving your channel onto LBRY

LBRY offers an easy way for YouTubers to sync their content to the LBRY network, engage with LBRY users, and earn LBC. This is intended for content creators that aren't quite ready to make the switch over to using the LBRY app at this time, and want us to keep their YouTube channel updated on LBRY.

To sync your existing channel to LBRY and learn more about the program, use the LBRY.io YouTube Sync page.

Please note: you won't see your content in the LBRY app under My LBRY - Publishes nor have access to the channel until LBRY transfers over the synced content - a more automated process is still being worked out and will be ready in Q2 2019. However, the content will be accessible through the LBRY Desktop app and spee.ch (see links in your sync email). You also won't be able to claim the Publisher/Identity rewards until the transfer is complete.

Authenticating your YouTube channel and other information puts your content into a queue to be automatically mirrored on the LBRY network. This serves as an alternative to moving your entire channel by yourself. The content, its title and description, as well as thumbnails and other metadata, will sync to your channel name. When it is done, you will receive a notice from LBRY indicating your channel is available to view.

There is a size limit per video of 2GB. There is a total count limit of your most recent 1,000 videos. What this means, if that isn't clear, is that your most recent 1,000 videos that are smaller than (or equal to) 2GB in size will be synced to LBRY.

When you sync your channel, you are also eligible to receive LBRY Credits in our Partner Program based on your subscriber count. Receiving these credits is subject to a one-year agreement. The exact agreement you make when you sync can be seen here. The current rewards for syncing can be seen on the sync page.

The sync process stores your wallet in a secure location, as you may not have the LBRY app installed already. If you are comfortable with swapping out wallet files, we can work with you to transfer your synced wallet as part of a manual process. Typically, we recommend waiting until we an automated solution for transferring this data to you via the app. Please reach out to help@lbry.io if you have any questions about this process.

How to Receive Your LBRY Credits

  • Download the LBRY App at https://lbry.io/get
  • Run the LBRY App
  • Make sure the email saved in the application matches the email address on your Sync Status Page (email us if it does not)
  • Click on the Wallet tab on the LBRY App 1 wallet
  • Navigate to the Rewards section of your wallet 2 reward
  • Scroll to the "YouTube Reward" claim button
  • If you met a particular subscriber threshold (minimum 1K subs), you should receive the appropriate amount of credits.

If you're having any trouble with the sync process or receiving your credits, please contact help@lbry.io.

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