And now for something completely different: three new channels in one fell swoop.

A math whiz, a South African, his South African friend, and a troupe of funny men walk into a library...


@3Blue1Brown is easily considered the most entertaining, accessible and informative math show around. Quantum physics, advanced calculus concepts, and even how cryptocurrencies actually work: there is no shortage of applicable math to your favorite topics. I can count on two hands across 11 dimensions the number of thumbs up I give 3Blue1Brown.

Door Monster

@DoorMonster are LBRY Discord regulars and a prolific sketch comedy brigade. The only thing funnier than a DoorMonster sketch is how long it’s taking you to open the LBRY app and watch every single video they’ve produced...

Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues

@DerickWattsAndTheSundayBlues have lent their musical comedy acumen to us. Nic and Gareth are the most popular South African comedy duo on LBRY by a wide margin. They are also the 2nd and 3rd most popular South African comedy duo in the library LBRY.

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