Adult Swim recently cancelled World Peace, a sketch comedy show by Million Dollar Extreme (MDE).

Why? Not because it wasn't performing - it was beating most of the Adult Swim lineup.

Adult Swim cancelled MDE because in Hollywood there is only one acceptable set of beliefs. A set of beliefs that excludes half the country.

The cancellation of World Peace has been extensively covered by the media (1 2 3 4 5). This coverage repeatedly calls MDE "alt-right", "racist", and "bigoted".

Here is the top evidence cited:

Let's keep in mind this is a network that has no problem with sketches that portray gamers as losers with small penises or "fuck the Jews" being part of a sketch. This is not ABC Family - it's cable comedy that airs at midnight.

At LBRY, we're proud to have MDE's content available. Not because we necessarily support what they say, but because we think that censorship and political correctness is disgusting.

The great thing about publishing content on LBRY is that no one -- including us -- can remove it.

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