GIFing on the internet is a dangerous business.

Shady sharing sites pull up in unmarked white vans, offering you delicious free hosting for your memes. But once you upload them, your content is abducted, branded, and sent to the corporate meme gulag while some Evil MegaCorp reaps the profits.

That’s why we’ve made is the first truly free way to share. has been built from the ground up with freedom and free speech in mind. Oh, and it’s free to use, too.

When you publish an image or video to, it’s not just saved on the servers, but written to the decentralized, user-controlled LBRY network. That means the content can be backed up by tens of thousands of other LBRY users and accessed by anyone in the world, even if goes down.

Additionally, since is entirely open-source, anyone can make their own copy of it. And since the images are written to the decentralized web and not just stored on the servers, anyone can copy not just the code, but all of the content itself. offers human-readable URLs, like for the above image. This makes your favorite images and videos even easier to share. offers a channel feature as well (check out our channel here), allowing for easy collection sharing.

So remember kids: stay safe this GIF season. Use

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And don’t forget, any content you publish via the LBRY app with a price of zero is available via