We believe in a free press, and we're giving outlets the tool to push back against censorship.

The Anti-Media, an independent media outlet with over 2 million subscribers, was banned from Facebook in one of their recent purges. When we heard about what happened, our teams joined forces to build LBRYPress - a simple, decentralized way for outlets to publish their content on the web without relying on centralized services and data hosts.

With the click of a button, LBRYPress backs up users’ WordPress sites to our blockchain-based, decentralized network. The software also provides a fully customizable template for publishers to showcase their videos and content on their website.

To support and complete this important project, we've made resources from our Institutional Fund available for the first time. In our ongoing efforts to support independent media, we are offering LBRYPress to journalists and independent outlets for free, and will offer technical support to organizations and individuals who want their own customized installation. We're also offering grants to independent media organizations that have new and interesting ideas about how to use LBRY through LBRY.fund.

For all the details, read our press release!

Want your own custom installation of LBRYPress?

Members of the independent media who are interested in installing LBRYPress can go to this page to schedule the installation. Tech-savvy readers and developers can view the technical documentation and code here.