LBRY v0.23 is live!

We heard your feedback, and we think you’ll love the new LBRY v0.23! View all the changes in this version on our release notes. This release also includes an updated LBRY Protocol which will help with download avialability and result in less false positives on Antivirus software since it is now digitally signed!

More than just video

Just a reminder - the LBRY protocol can do a lot more than video. We’ve added 3D file viewing support (STL/OBJ formats) and a PDF preview window directly inside the LBRY Desktop app experience. Now creators can more easily share or sell their 3D files without middlemen taking a cut.

3d support

Preview thumbs before you Publish

We’ve included a new feature for publishers in this update as well! Now you can preview what your thumbnail will look like before you publish! Using either the thumbnail upload feature or when entering a URL, the app will now show a preview of the thumbnail.


Safer for work than ever (unless you don’t want it to be)

We’ve also made some changes to the app to make it more family-friendly for people who have not chosen to view NSFW content. This means the Community Bid section will not be shown unless you choose to view NSFW content in the app since we don’t control the content posted there. Also, previews of NSFW videos will not show up at all on channel pages, subscriptions or search results. If you’re just here for the hentai, everything’s still available - you just have to make it clear that you want to see it.

content settings

Faster than a speeding bullet

Our developers have been spending a lot of time and effort on speeding up the in-app experience. The tweaks to channel caching and navigation between channels/claims in this update will show just what a great job they’ve done, significantly reducing load times in-app.

Other Additions/Changes

There are a number of other changes in this update as well, including:

  • Abandons transactions now show in wallet history
  • Download failure errors no longer show up if you leave the claim page
  • Emoji text support has been enabled in claim descriptions
  • Auto update no longer leaves setup files behind

Your app will prompt you to download the upgrade next time you open it, or you can just download the newest version directly.