One of the pillars of LBRY, and in fact cryptocurrencies on the whole, is censorship resistance.

Censorship is a problem to varying degrees in all media. LBRY seeks to minimize institutional censorship through decentralization of publishing and empowering creators everywhere.

One of the most interesting case studies of censorship is video games. From country to country, different cultures (or governments who enforce a particular culture) yield wildly different results for virtually identical content, depending on what is considered socially permissible.

No channel covers this better than Censored Gaming.

Censored Gaming

Since the dawn of video games and interactive media, what people should and shouldn’t be able to do in a game has remained a hot-button issue forever.

From 16bit “boobs” measuring a hefty 3 pixels bra size to the hot coffee mod scandal of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, to the different cultural interpretations of meaning between Japanese and American game translations, to the Red Cross owning the IP to pictures of red crosses... no pixel is left unturned in Dan and the Censored Gaming team’s pursuit of shining a light on censorship.

Free your voice while being delightfully entertaining. Censored Gaming and LBRY are a match made in 1st Amendment heaven.

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