If you thought your Thanksgiving dinner party was about to get weird… you ain’t seen nothing yet. This week we bring you: Coherence.

An ensemble piece. Science fiction. Horror. Coherence is a stroke of independent film genius that only graces us once in a blue moon. Or in this case, a blue comet.


Coherence is not just smart science fiction: it’s a triumph of crafty independent filmmaking, made with few resources and big ambition… it has that thing we always hope for at the movies: the element of surprise.

-Ryan Lattanzio, Indiewire

On top of that, we're putting all Oscilloscope titles (and then some) on sale from tomorrow, November 17th. It's the first annual Too Soon? Black Friday on LBRY.

Oscilloscope Labs LBRY Black Friday Special


About Oscilloscope Laboratories Oscilloscope has released academy award nominated films such as Embrace of the Serpent and Banksy’s documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, off-beat indies like James Franco’s Howl and new cult favorites like Girl Asleep and The Fits

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