Is New Hampshire the best place to run a cryptocurrency business? It already has the highest per-capita Bitcoin usage. And very soon it is likely to have the most favorable regulatory climate.

While states like Hawaii are passing bills so onerous that Bitcoin might as well be illegal, New Hampshire is passing legislation to completely deregulate cryptocurrencies. House Bill 436 exempts virtual currencies from all state regulation. Just minutes ago, it passed the New Hampshire statehouse, 185-170.

LBRY is thrilled to have been a part of this process. As the governor-appointed industry expert on virtual currencies, I'm glad I finally had the chance to give back to a technology that has given so much to me.

However, most of the credit goes to Representatives Barbara Biggie and Keith Ammon, who introduced the bill, as well as Representative John Hunt, who helped steer it out of committee and defended it on the floor. Additionally, the Chamber of Digital Commerce gave us invaluable advice and advocated heavily on behalf of the bill.

The battle is not over! If you support this effort, please let the governor know and give thanks to the hard work of those mentioned above.