If there was a channel to perfectly embody the lyrics of Daft Punk’s Technologic, its David L Jones’ years-long adventure in electrical and hardware engineering.

Today’s #LBRYcast is one of the top engineering shows on the web. Where there’s a will to tinker (or likelihood of electric shock), there’s a way for David to break it down.


Want to know how your Trezor hardware wallet actually works? How about why Blu-ray beat out HD-DVD or how PID controllers work? You’re in the right place. David demystifies all things electronic into digestible, fun content every other day on @EEVblog.

Plus–and I’m not saying that correlation equals causation–it’s been about a year since indie film studio Oscilloscope Laboratories began adding its film library to LBRY. And what did @EEVblog do all summer? Give away oscilloscopes. Talk about oscilloscopes. And giveaway more oscilloscopes.

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