A Great Week for LBRY's Public Beta

Watch Us Program Live!

To show just how easy it is to use the LBRY API, we're hosting a live coding and Q&A session.

On March 29th, from 6-9PM EST (or later), you'll be able to heckle and watch LBRY devs build an image sharing site from scratch to (hopefully!) completion.

You can watch the stream here.

During the stream, members of the LBRY development team will be in our chatroom answering questions and discussing LBRY.

If you want a reminder, make sure to join our Discord chat or complete the quickstart guide.

Trending on GitHub

Last week, LBRY opened up its API to anyone with a GitHub account, to a fantastic reception.

LBRY Trending on GitHub

LBRY has been a trending repo on GitHub for almost a full week. Nearly 2,000 developers are now following the LBRY project.

Anyone with a GitHub account can immediately try out the LBRY API and by using our quickstart guide.

Additionally, we've created a new resource page LBRY SDK documentation.

Major Press Coverage

LBRY's GitHub beta came just in time for LBRY to be able to publish 20,000 college lectures that were on the verge of disappearing.

This got LBRY some positive press, including:

As well as popular posts on Reddit, other news websites, and many regional and local publications.