It always bears repeating around here: LBRY’s destiny is nothing short of the most reliable and rich library on earth... despite the illegible abbreviation “LBRY.”

To expedite the process, we have an open bounty for the world’s free and digitized libraries in order to aggregate them onto one big (decentralized) shelf: LBRY’s network of gracious content hosts.

One pierre1024, a member of the LBRY Chat community, has claimed quite a big fish…

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is an open project that has digitized 54,000 free pdf, epub and Kindle books.

Hundreds of historical archives are now available on LBRY, including:

  • The Economic Consequences of the Peace by Keynes
  • A Soldier's Sketches Under Fire by Harold Harvey
  • Journal of a Voyage to Brazil by Callcott
  • How Jerusalem Was Won by W. T. Massey
  • Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham

The project was started by the late Michael Hart in 1971 with the digitization of the US Declaration of Independence. Make a donation to Project Gutenberg here, and enjoy thousands of books now available on LBRY.

Not on LBRY yet? Download here. Have a big library bounty to claim? Email and take all the glory.