This week, we’ve added twice as many comedy partners as last week, starting with…

Heck Bender, the Los Angeles-based sketch comedy channel with nothing to prove.

Heck Bender

Their latest sketch premieres exclusively on LBRY! The Colorado Bridge Incident.

When you’re done laughing, watch some of their greats like:

Charney Comedy

Charney Comedy

A whole ‘nother brand of Los Angeles comedy, Charney specializes in the art of the parody. Check out the top notes:

  • Lenders’ Den (Shark Tank) – America's most addicting reality sensation is back and BIGGER THAN EVER!
  • Moneyweasel (Moneyball) – The Los Angeles Snards have a new backdoorsman in left shield, in this recreation of the scene from Moneyball wherein no one still knows what was said.
  • Loose Cannon (Reservoir Dogs) – One last job, just like old times. Then they're on the next flight to Bora-Bora. ;^)

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