Marc Clair interviewed LBRY founder and CEO Jeremy Kauffman on the Lions of Liberty Podcast this week. The concise, 1/2-hour conversation covers everything you need to know about LBRY in accessible, non-tech-geek language. From the basics of Bitcoin and the blockchain to the trouble with corporate media monopolies, Kauffman explains LBRY from the ground up:

"We think of [the LBRY protocol] as one box that is going to let you search and find any piece of media or information that has ever been created or that anyone wants to publish to the network. That can be music, movies, books, video games, any piece of static digital content… We think it is going to be a far better way to access, discover, and pay for these things than any system we have today."

Kauffman also didn’t shy away from the tough questions Clair asked concerning questionable content on LBRY, the use of the Nobel Prize-winning Coase Theorem to design LBRY’s naming system, and who the real losers are if LBRY succeeds.

"The winners are basically humanity as a whole, everyone. We think the outcome of this is more art created, more things created, more things published. The only real losers are rent seekers in the middle. People who use certain methods to extract more money out of both artists and consumers and don’t, frankly, deserve it, in our opinion. They’re not contributing that much. They’re getting in the way...

"The publishers, the creators, the people who actually make the stuff – if they don’t end up making more money in this [LBRY] system, we’ve failed, and it was absolutely not what we intended."

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