Another month, another holiday. And not just any holiday… this one has theme songs.

So, to expand your Christmas music palette, we bring you: Jingle Bell Rocks.

The seedy underbelly of the Christmas music world is your ticket to freedom from dreadful, ear-splitting Christmas tropes of old. You don’t have to suffer! There is a better song out there!

Jingle Bell Rocks is a can’t miss, one-of-a-kind documentary.

Jingle Bell Rocks

A surprisingly bittersweet doc.

-John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

If you like Christmas music, you cannot miss this movie. It’s everything a holiday music fan could ask for. Featuring great songs that stray from the norm, and a group of people who know all about a love of the season, this movie will brighten your holiday.

-William Brownridge,Toronto Film Scene

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