The LBRY team spoke with the guys at Decentral Vancouver, one of many Bitcoin-focused collaboration spaces popping up around the world.

The most notable part of the thorough interview was a live demo of the latest LBRY browser app, which is where the video below begins. Our new user interface is damn pretty.

Other highlights from the conversation include:

  • Mike Vine coining the term "appcoin" to describe LBRY Credits. Find out what it means starting at 16:32.

  • Discussions of the collapse of Cryptsy, Mike Hearn's "crisis of faith" in bitcoin, and LBRY's bitcoin price predictions.

  • The answer to the question – should we compare LBRY to Alexandria, Storj, or IPFS?

  • Why LBRY is so much more than a marriage of Bitcoin & BitTorrent.