The LBRY Bounty Program is now open to the public. Anyone in the world can now improve the future of the internet and digital content, and earn money at the same time!

LBRY has already benefited from significant community contributions, including basic debugging, content testing, publishing improvements... the list goes on and on. It’s now time to formalize our relationship with this awesome community by offering significant LBRY Credit (LBC) rewards for helping LBRY grow.

LBRY Bounties

On our official bounty page, you’ll find details for each individual job, the compensation for completion, and the process for claiming a bounty.

The bounty list will be constantly growing, so bookmark it and check in regularly for updates. You’ll currently find:

You can even pitch us your own custom project and earn as much as 20,000 LBC (reward determined by LBRY team).

Please note: These bounties are intended for LBRY updates our official team does not plan on addressing in the immediate future. The bounties you see are not representative of all desired changes to LBRY.

All bounties are funded through genesis block LBRY Credits – get the details here.

If you have questions about the bounty program or want more information about a specific bounty, please join LBRY’s public Discord chat.