Continuing with our slate of indie musicians is a young, entrepreneurial artist we found on Twitter.

When we mean LBRY enables anyone to monetize content, we mean from the biggest Disneys to the self-made fresh EPs of artists taking their first leap of faith. It’s a level playing field.

Luke Hall

Luke Hall recently released his debut EP and spent no time learning the ropes of LBRY. I was so blown away by his commitment to learning LBRY hands-on after a shout-out on Twitter.

This is the first channel I know on LBRY to host a variety of multimedia options--hat tip to Matt Skokol for his musicians guide to publishing--from music videos to mp3 streams to a full downloadable album, everything a musician could offer is available on Luke Hall’s LBRY channel at a variety of prices.

Please do yourselves the honor, and get your indie electronica on at:



Not on LBRY yet? Get an invite here. Can you make sick beats? Email because he’s still listening to the same things he did at university eight years ago. Or sync your channel at: