Sometimes, the best way to summarize LBRY is thusly: what’s the most irritatingly nerdy way that we can deliver streaming content to your computer, and how much Ubuntu is too much?

While Linux never took the world by storm, it’s bar none the most popular operating system at LBRY.

Today, we bridge the gap between Linux usage and Linux content. This one’s for the homies.


As the resident non-tech member of the LBRY team, I can honestly say that I never cared for Linux until I heard Bryan Lunduke (@Lunduke on LBRY) sing its praises. The Lunduke Show infuses energy and passion into the discourse of open software development of which the world could use a lot more.

If you check out lbry://@Lunduke, you’ll catch his weekly talk show on Thursdays, fierce political debates such as Tabs v Spaces, and anything else where highly nerdy and highly entertaining intersect.

Please support his patreon or beg him for a LBRY address so you can tip him that sweet, sweet LBC.

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