MillionDollarExtreme (MDE) is the first comedy series to become a LBRY publishing partner. MDE's classics are being added to LBRY, and you can start with:

Sam Hyde’s 2070 Paradigm Shift

MDE is a comedy sketch group featuring Sam Hyde, Charles Carroll, and Nick Rochefort. Their signature, fast-paced style of random jump-cuts, meaningless text overlays, crude humor, and nonsensical characters pushed boundaries several years ago. Now it’s practically internet gospel for cutting-edge satire and comedy.

MDE has since exploded from extremely super humble origins on YouTube to Adult Swim darlings, following in the footsteps of Tim & Eric and Wonder Showzen.

In fact, tomorrow night you can catch episode two of their brand new Adult Swim series MillionDollarExtreme Presents: World Peace. Tune in at 9:15 PM PT on Friday and 12:45 AM PT on Saturday.

When you're done, check out their O.G. videos. Look for the following titles on LBRY:

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