The latest LBRY app, v0.16, is now available. Get it here.

Release Notes

LBRY Tipping in Action


  • Added a tipping button to send LBRY Credits to a creator. Credits sent in this way come into the wallets of creators as supporting claims for the content that was tipped.
  • Added an edit button on published content. Significantly improved UX for editing claims (but more to do).
  • Added theme settings option and new Dark theme.
  • Added a new component for rendering dates and times. This component can render the date and time of a block height, as well.


  • Significantly more detail is shown about past transactions and new filtering options for transactions.
  • File pages now show the time of a publish.
  • The "auth token" displayable on Help offers security warning
  • More form refactoring, including the addition of a barebones Form component (further progress towards form sanity).
  • CSS significantly refactored to support CSS vars (and consequently easy theming).


  • URLs on cards will now show an ellipsis if longer than one line
  • Added gnome-keyring dependency to .deb (#386)
  • Fixed some issues with invites (#552)
  • Pressing enter on forms will no longer cause weird app behavior (#542)