Linux talk shows. Electrical engineering reviews. Experimental sci-fi movies. We like to think our taste at LBRY is understandably nerdy.

But we’ve met our Nurd match. This is the most fundamental nerd fight: our battle with nature. This is, to put it explosively, the best chemistry channel on the internet.


@NurdRage is one who some may consider the Periodic Table of Elements’ best friend or its worst nightmare. Did you ever wonder how to create Tritium nuclear batteries or build a DIY Epipen? Me neither. I still couldn’t help but watch each NurdRage video I start to its completion and walk away with a… solidified confidence in the miracles of chemistry.

Through the wonders of, you can enjoy one of NurdRage’s most important videos below, directly from the LBRY network: how to make the life-saving anti-malarial drug Daraprim.

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