We hope your holidays have been wonderful.

This week, instead of a gift from us at LBRY, we give you a gift from users of the LBRY network, Tim and Steve.

With the recent surge in Bitcoin, from whose codebase LBRY owes many thanks, it is a fitting 2016 send off to share the first LBRY-exclusive book release, on finance and cryptocurrency:

Enjoy The Little Book of Positive Returns In Negative Rates by Steve Park and Tim Smith.

Positive Returns In Negative Rates

Available exclusively at lbry://positivereturnsinnegativerates for 250 LBC ($2.50).

Life doesn’t come with negative interest rates; life only comes with occasional failure, and failure is an event that occurs and can be minimized if we learn from it and (or) if we prepare for what caused our failure.

-Tim Smith and Steve Park

Tim and Steve are long-time cryptocurrency advocates. If you have questions about life on crypto, they’ve probably answered in their writings at http://fintekneeks.com.

Here’s to LBRY in 2017 and a happy new year!

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