The waiting list to download the LBRY beta is well over 100,000 strong! If you join our Discord chat (the best place to stay on top of updates and get questions answered), one of the top inquiries is:

When will I get my beta invite code?

Waiting for LBRY

Now that publishing tools have been added to the beta, we will be steadily expanding the user base.

To that end, we have changed the way we weight those on the waiting list. Previously, we rewarded potential beta users for spreading the word about LBRY. Those who referred users to our waiting list were moved further towards the front of the line.

We now factor in how long you have been on the waiting list. Your position on LBRY’s waiting list is now determined by:

The number of invited users credited to you **PLUS** the number of weeks you have been on the list.

Many of you have been waiting for a long while. We halted new invites for about a month after closed beta launch to work a key feature: publishing tools.

Since publishing went live in the first week of August, we have added about 2,000 new beta users using this updated waiting list. Going forward, we intend to add approximately 500 beta users a week.

So if you’re still champing at the bit, then hang tight!

Remember – you can potentially jump the waiting list (and earn $1,000 in LBC) if you are a content creator interested in uploading quality digital media to LBRY. Learn more about this opportunity here.