With the launch of open beta on July 31st, we’re officially entering LBRY Year Two. So we figured it was time to update #LBRYcast as well.

(Haven’t grabbed the beta yet? Do it here.)

LBRYcast will now be a weekly spotlight on new and great content available on the network. Each week, we’ll spotlight one or more creators that are available via LBRY.

LBRY users who watch this content will earn a reward every week. If you’ve entered your email in the LBRY app, you’ll receive a notification each week with the new content. You can also look for a post on this blog.

Or you could just look for the content in the app itself, which is marked with a bright red rocketship.

Rocket Ship Rewards

So that’s #LBRYcast. Here’s this week’s great stuff…


As you can tell from several previous LBRYcast posts, I like to find the best sounds on LBRY. And this week is another chart topper.


@Recollection is a sister channel to @1791L / @AmericanLampoon with top notch music curation. From Nosaj Thing samples to Stranger Thing remixes, if you like mashups of cinematic soundscapes and chillwave remixes, this is the channel for you. Some of my favorites include:

Check it out. Smash that Watch button. Listen to the illest (re)collection of sounds on LBRY.

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