This week, we have a very special engagement on LBRYcast.

YouTube has had its ups and downs. Recently, those downs have been pretty substantial, and along with Patreon’s uncertain relationship with creators off and on throughout 2017, creators have been pining for more sustainable (and reliable) solutions.

We’ve partnered with The Rubin Report to bring you YouTube Week, a series of interviews with some of the most promising creators, new and established, on YouTube. They share their stories, struggles and opinions on what it means to be an independent content creator today.

This special series includes interviews with the Twitter-banned Bunty King; opiner of all the things Some Black Guy; skeptic extraordinaire Jaclyn Glenn; up-and-coming Aussie comedian Neel Kolhatkar; and parody rapper Rucka Rucka. Tip your favorite interviews with LBRY Credits and let us know who you want on LBRY next.

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