One of the great things about working at LBRY is discovering entire worlds and niches that defy categorization.

Have you heard of Sporthocking? Me neither. Resident LBRY superfan and sporthocker Trenton Rawdon introduced us to the sport. And we haven’t stood up since.

Hocker is the German word for stool. So Sporthocker literally means SportStool.


In his first video, TJ in Berlin, Trenton “TJ” Rawdon shows us various tricks and moves taken from disciplines such as juggling, breakdancing, board sports and acrobatics.

More sporthocking

Inspired by guys freestyling tricks with homemade stools in the German city of Kiel, the Landschutz brothers designed the first Sporthocker prototype in 2006. Today, they own a Sporthocker brand, and product design company called Salzig in Berlin, Germany. They’ve travelled two European tours and hold annual events for the budding sport.

This is a sport worth checking out. See the tour of Europe today:

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