We're pleased to announce a new Alpha version of LBRY featuring a browser-based graphical interface for OS X El Capitan. Anyone with an up-to-date Mac can now test out the library of the future – and earn 1,000 LBRY credits. Try it now. Here's a demo:

Note – This is still just an Alpha test of the LBRY protocol. When you get it up and running on your OS X machine, the only functionality will be to search for "It's a Wonderful Life" and stream that movie.

Nevertheless, testing this functionality is very helpful to us, and we're more than happy to reimburse alpha testers who install the protocol, then answer our short survey. Get started now.

Call For Crypto Developers

LBRY is expanding its team! If you're a talented dev interested in changing the future of information, please reach out. Triple bonus points if you have experience with installers and application packaging on Windows, OS X, and/or Linux.