You might be thinking, “It’s a great day to spend my hard-earned LBC on some Mary Jane.”


You know what gets us lit on 4/20? The first music videos on LBRY, courtesy of capital AKA Tyler Moore AKA the most real dude in the Los Angeles music scene.

Wasted by capital.

Mr. Moore's tunes are a new personal favorite of mine. His freshman EP, Winning for Losing, sounds like the working man's Shwayze with better beats. If your nine-to-five’s got you down, capital has your back. I mean, he can’t help you out or nothing… but this song is pretty relatable, and a dope way to spend three minutes on LBRY.

Two videos, directed by Angelino filmmaker Johnny Sikma, can be found at:


  • lbry://@capital/wasted

“Pillsbury Boy”

  • lbry://@capital/pillsburyboy

(That’s right. LBRY has channels now. But the only way to try ‘em out before May is to hangout with us on Discord chat. Claim your @name on the revamped Publish page, manage each channel, and what content belongs where.)

And keep up with his latest goings-on:

Today was a good day...

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