LBRY Android App Basics

The LBRY Browser for Android allows you to view free and paid content via the Explore and Trending sections, search for content on LBRY, send/receive LBRY Credits (LBC) and earn credits through LBRY Rewards.

The app runs on top of the LBRY protocol which is a peer-to-peer (P2P), decentralized file sharing and payment network secured by blockchain technology.

The purpose of this FAQ is to answer questions about some of the basic functionality available in the LBRY Android App. Please see our other FAQ entries for additional information.

Why Does LBRY Want My Email Address?

Emails are collected to authenticate and uniquely identify users so that they can be eligible for LBRY Rewards, sync subscription data and to stay up to date on the latest LBRY happenings.

No other data is stored with your email login. All other data, including your wallet, downloads and published content are stored locally on your device.

How Do I Change My LBRY Connected Email?

If you ever need to change your LBRY Android App email address or sign out, please see this guide. Clearing data or uninstalling leads to a loss of wallet currently, please backup your wallet data.

If you sign into a new email and need to transfer your verification status, you'll need to reach out to us in order to link your accounts. Please do not verify again to obtain rewards on a 2nd account; your Rewards account may be disabled for abuse.

What If I Want To Run LBRY On Multiple Android Devices?

If you want to run the LBRY app on multiple PCs or on other platforms like Android, you can sign in with the same email on all devices. Each installation will still have its separate wallet and download data (as mentioned above).

Any rewards earned will be sent locally to the wallet where they are claimed. In the future, our goal to enable an opt-in wallet syncing service across devices.

What Are LBRY Rewards?

LBRY Rewards are used to distribute LBRY Credits(LBC) to new and existing users by allowing them to explore app functions and complete tasks which generate LBC as an award.

In order to be eligible for Rewards, you need to verify your identity phone number or chat which uniquely identifies you as an LBRY user.

What Is a Wallet And How Do I Find It?

A wallet is a secure digital file used to store, send and receive cryptocurrencies like LBRY Credits (LBC). The LBRY Android App comes with its own wallet and is stored locally on your phone and nowhere else!

It is critical that you backup your wallet data in case you lose access to your phone or need to migrate to a new one.

To find your wallet in the LBRY Android app, click on the 3 horizontal bars at the upper left side of the app next to Discovery. Clicking on it will open a sidebar and then click on Wallet. This will open the Wallet page which shows your wallet address, balance and recent transactions.

Find wallet

Where Do I Find my LBC Wallet Address


Where Do I Find my Recent Transactions

Scroll down in the Wallet menu to find recent transactions, or click View All to see anything older than 7 days.

Recent tx

The LBRY wallet is different from other wallets - it also stores your shared content's metadata in the in the form of claims when using the publishing features.

Claim related wallet transactions ensure that the blockchain uniquely identifies your content and the payment/tips can be routed appropriately.

How Do I Claim Weekly LBRYcast Rewards in The Android App.

  1. One the Discover page, Play/Download any of the first 10 videos with the badge icon on it.


  1. After clicking on the video to play/download, the reward should be claimed automatically. If not, go into the Menu > Rewards and you will see the LBRY cast reward on the first. Tap the round circle to claim your reward.


To claim any other reward, you just have to click on the round circle next to the reward to claim.


To check whether your wallet is updated, you need to swipe your screen to show the menu bar, click on Wallet and you will see your overall updated balance. Check How to Backup Your Wallet

How To Delete Downloaded Contents On LBRY Android App.

To delete any content downloaded, you first need to open the content. To find where the Downloaded contents are:

  1. Swipe your phone screen from left to right to reveal the menu.


  1. Tap on My LBRY, Depending on the contents you have downloaded/watched it should come up like this with the stats of how much storage the contents have consumed:

MyLBRY Contents

  1. Tap the content you would like to delete and then once it's open, you should see a trash can icon.


Click on the bin icon and confirm deletion if you still want to delete the content


Right after the content is deleted, you should see the same content showing on the app screen, if you click on it, it will start the download again. To delete additional content, please follow the same steps until you delete all the contents you do not need on your phone. We'll be improving this to allow for easier deletion multiple content at the same time.

Enable Background Media Playback.

When playing anything on the LBRY android app, it will stop playing when you minimize the app or switch to another application. Since we aren't YouTube and won't make you pay for subscription to enable background media playback, you can enable this feature in the app settings.

  1. Swipe your phone screen to the right to reveal the menu, select Settings.
  2. Tap the Enable background media playback toggle on the right hand side, this will change the status of that option from grey to green


Now you will be able to keep your media playing in the background without leaving the app open. To disable this feature, please tap the option to enable background media player to change the status from green to grey.

How To Stop The LBRY Service From Running In The Background

You might have noticed that the LBRY icon may be showing in your notifications with the status, LBRY service is running in the background. We keep the app open in the background to stay up-to-date with the blockchain, which helps the app load contents faster as it arrives. In the future, you'll be able to support the LBRY network and earn hosting rewards, but for now, the hosting features are disabled.

However, if you do not want the LBRY service to be running in the background, you can disable this just by going into the settings page and like above, you just need to tap Keep the daemon background service running after closing the app - this will change the status of that option from green to grey. Now close the LBRY app by clicking back multiple times or swipe the app to close - the notification icon should disappear.

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