We are very excited to announce the launch of LBRY.fund, a new site that gives LBRY developers and community members the opportunity to apply for grants from a pool of 200 million LBC to help them pursue independent projects.

LBRY.fund home page

You can get all the details in the copy of our press release below. We can’t build LBRY without the LBRY Community, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with in your grant applications!

LBRY Inc. Announces Launch of LBRY.fund, Awards First Community Grant to LBRY-C

Manchester, NH - 6/14/18

LBRY Inc., creators of the LBRY media sharing system and LBC utility token, today announced the launch of LBRY.fund. The 200 million LBC in the fund (worth $36.4 million at time of publication) will be distributed to applicants making innovative contributions to the overall ecosystem.

"The LBRY Fund is designed to empower people around the world to contribute to the adoption and use of the LBRY Protocol," said Julie Sigwart, LBRY Community Director. “Proposals can be submitted for any project that promotes the use of the LBRY ecosystem. Some project examples could include coding, marketing, meetups, or graphics and media creation.”

The first grant recipient will be LBRY-C, a decentralized community organization of LBRY fans and developers. LBRY-C will receive 100,000 LBC over three months for their planned community and outreach efforts.

"It's great to have the opportunity to receive funding from the LBRY Fund, so that we can develop applications, build a stronger community, and work on securing the integrity of the LBRY protocol." said Torgeir Flø, LBRY-C.

Interested groups and individuals can apply for grant funding at LBRY.fund. Developers, content creators, marketers, and anyone who thinks they have something unique and compelling to offer are all welcome. The LBRY.fund grant program will accept applications on a rolling basis, and there is no deadline for application.

LBRY Inc. is the creator of the LBRY protocol, a blockchain-based, peer to peer method for devices to communicate and discover verified versions of any kind of digital media, anywhere in the world. They’ve also built the LBRY app, a desktop viewer for content on the LBRY network, as the first implementation of their new protocol.