We've heard two requests from our community over and over again: make it easier to get LBC, and let users subscribe to their favorite creators.

With that in mind, the newest LBRY update should be a crowd-pleaser! Channel subscriptions are live, and we've integrated ShapeShift to allow users to easily convert popular cryptos into LBC without leaving the app.

You'll find all this (and a lot more) in LBRY v0.19 - get it here and check out the full release notes below.

LBRY Search Tool In Action

Release Notes


  • Subscriptions. File and channel pages now show a subscribe button. A new "Subscriptions" tab appears on the homepage shows the most recent content from subscribed channels.
  • LBC acquisition widget. Convert other popular cryptos into LBC via a ShapeShift integration.
  • Flow static type checking. This is a dev-only feature but will make development faster, less error-prone, and better for newcomers.


  • The first run process for new users has changed substantially. New users can now easily receive one credit.
  • The wallet area has been re-organized. Send and Receive are now on the same page. A new page, "Get Credits", explains how users can add LBRY credits to the app.
  • Significant structural changes to code organization, packaging, and building. The app now follows a typical electron folder structure. All 3 package.json files have been reduced to a single file. Redux related code was moved into its own subfolder.
  • The macOS docking icon has been improved.
  • The prompt for an insufficient balance is much more user-friendly.
  • The credit balance displayed in the main app navigation displays two decimal places instead of one.
  • Video download error messages are now more understandable.
  • Windows path to the daemon/CLI executables changed to: C:\Program Files (x86)\LBRY\resources\static\daemon


  • We previously had two separate models for insufficient credits. These have been combined.


  • Long channel names causing inconsistent thumbnail sizes.
  • Channel names in pages are highlighted to indicate them being clickable.
  • Fixed the transaction screen not loading for brand new users.
  • Fixed issues with scrolling and back and forward navigation.
  • Fixed sorting by title for published files.
  • App now uses the new balance_delta field provided by the LBRY API.
  • Abandoning from the claim page now works.