Being a repository of educational material is one of LBRY’s fundamental goals.

We want the LBRY network to be the pinnacle of educational wealth, a source from which anyone in the world can peruse knowledge new or old, with perspectives revisited and revised.

Being in entertainment, one of my favorite examples of this was a great lecture last year by designer Mike Hill on the lost art of Hollywood blockbusters.

Mike Hill Design

And with that, we welcome this lost art and more lectures by Mr. Hill to LBRY.

Mike’s lectures so far range from the lost art of Hollywood blockbusters to the subtext of Jurassic Park, to design in the entertainment industry for both film and high concept games such as Call of Duty and Killzone.

The Forgotten Art of Blockbuster Cinema is one of my absolute favorite lectures. I hope you enjoy it at lbry://mikehill-blockbuster. Search “Mike Hill” for the rest of the playlist.

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