I’ve heard a rumor that there’s no Thanksgiving in France, and that every day is League of Legends Day.

But I’m just a camper and couldn’t solo mid to save my life, so what do I know?

Introducing the first French-speaking channel to LBRY and the first LoL streamer…

Nono, a Season 1 LCS (League Championship Series) player in EU, shows some of his games, his e-sport events and Summoner's tips to a French-speaking audience, right here on LBRY at lbry://@Nono or spee.ch/@Nono.

Nono ex-joueur LCS, joueur de LoL au haut niveau depuis longtemps, propose ses conseils pour s'améliorer ! Autant rendre l’expérience que j'ai acquis sur le jeu, profitable à tous.

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