The hallmarks of good news media are honesty and integrity. Telling the true story without sugarcoating or redaction or revisionist history is paramount.

But as we’re all too aware, this is a seemingly difficult quality to come by in modern news.

LBRY aims to be a lot of things for many people. But one of its most noble causes? It must become the home for honest news media that every viewer deserves. With a dash of humor on the side.

Redacted Tonight

Lee Camp does it all. Comedy, news anchor, in-the-field journalism and vlogs. @RedactedTonight is like The Daily Show for the next generation, and arguably a marked improvement on the groundwork laid by Comedy Central’s pioneering block of news and satire.

A staple of the RT America television slate, Redacted Tonight has expanded its reach across the web and is finally available right in your LBRY app.

From YouTube’s war on independent media to the latest goings-on in drone warfare, @RedactedTonight on LBRY is the only way to stream the latest world news straight from the source.

(Literally, there are no middlemen).

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