Hey, open beta made it to week TWO! More than seven days! So, let’s celebrate the same way we always do: more content.

There are so many shows out there about video games. Livestreams, nostalgia trips, novelties, reviews, gadgets–whatever the niche, the saturation of gaming content is persistent and relentless.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of this week’s show because he consistently maintains what many lack: quality, authentic engagement of the subject. Months ago, he e-strolled into our Discord community, ready to learn about LBRY. I present to you...


(Haven’t grabbed the beta yet? Do it here.)

@Rerez is without question the best video games-related channel on LBRY. Whether you like in-depth critical reviews of games and hardware, or exploring the weirdest depths of game novelty–and in fact, if you like neither of those things!–he finds a way to make it interesting.

How do you make a Playstation on Raspberry Pi? Is Superman 64 secretly the greatest game ever made?

Go to lbry://@Rerez or check out the latest homepage update to find out.

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