Spee.ch, the only safe way to share your memes and GIFs, is live today! The meme dream can turn into a nightmare when centralized services take your content - that’s why we’re rewarding Spee.ch users who #MemeSafe!

There are two ways to join the party:

On Reddit:

  • Post a link to a meme or GIF that you’ve uploaded to Spee.ch ANYWHERE on Reddit
  • Anyone and everyone who posts an image that makes us laugh or shares something interesting gets 5 LBRY credits
  • Once a day, the user who posted the link with the most upvotes each day will win 500 LBRY credits
  • We'll send your LBRY credits through our Reddit tipbot

On Twitter:

  • Follow the Spee.ch Twitter Account
  • Upload your GIF/video/meme to Spee.ch
  • Tweet your GIF/video/meme with its Spee.ch URL and the hashtag #MemeSafe
  • Rewards will be given for participation and the user who posts the entry with the most favorites and retweets at the end of the week will receive 1,000 LBRY credits

That’s it! No purchase necessary. The deadline for entries is 11:59 PM PT on Sunday, November 5, 2017. If you are a winner on Twitter, we will DM you to get your wallet address and send your rewards.

Finally, in case you are a government agent tasked with the legal enforcement of contents and/or just like fine print, here are our giveaway terms and conditions.